some occasional pho'graphs and thoughts on photography

Friends in Black and White

Black and white seems to create a sense of the romantic when used to capture people and their surrounds. In Istanbul my friends were at their best, happily celebrating, having fun eating and dancing, relaxing. All great for capturing them on (digital) film.
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Fabric scraps and rubish collectors

An evening walk around the older parts of Istanbul is a wonderful thing and, recently, I was lucky enough to wander through the garment district with some friends. The whole industry manufacture industry, from component suppliers to rubbish collectors, was on display. Read more

My new photography blog

I’m testing out this website to showcase my photographs now that I am beginning to produce the odd photography worth presenting.

I recently had a summer vacation and spent a lot of it taking photographs. I discovered that as it is true for learning any subject, with photography some concentrated time, with a purpose, the right balance of reading, thinking, writing and practice are essential to improving techniques.

Given that sharing ideas is an important incentive to develop them properly, I’m testing how this theme works with photos.

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