Koh Samui

I managed to take a couple of days off, after working every day for more than 6 weeks … And receiving neither medal nor violins. Instead I plunked for the days on a the beach doing nothing but sleeping.

The beach is just 20 seconds from the cabin door, so it was nice to go for a short wander between snoozes (with much more snoozing than wandering).

The first night there was a storm coming over, so some of the clouds were quite dramatic.

I only had my small infrared adapted camera with me (changing city everyday in India for a week didn’t seem to be photography conducive), so there are limits to how much ‘tinkering’ can be done. Some photos seem to work nicely in black and white, this one with the tide out.

And, avoiding the computer, some more artistic effects seem to work using iPhoto on the iPad, if you like that sort of thing (I’m unconvinced).