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Yorkshire Dales

I got to ride around the Yorkshire Dales for the first time today, the scenery is lovely and it is much easier to pull over on a motorcycle than on a car.

These three photos were taken on the stretch between Clapham and Thornton-in-Lonsdale.

The weather was a bit cloudy, though quite bright and the colours were quite bold, particularly the grass.

In this final photograph I took some post processing liberties, adjusting the colours (the grass was really green).

I didn’t have time to venture into the Dales proper. That will have to wait for another ride (and I will take my tripod for that).

2 Responses to “Yorkshire Dales”

  1. Clare

    The grass is certainly green in the Dales. You do need to venture further into the area. It’s gorgeous and if I ever win the lottery I would like to move there. Now tell me did you tweak picture 1? They are great images!

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